our team

  • Duncan Quigley

    Managing Director

    The big kahuna, mighty leader, head honcho, chief whip cracker.. we won’t go on, you get the picture. Expert insomniac and financial forensic, Duncan has kept the band playing and show on the road for over twenty years.
  • James Boyd

    Workshop Manager

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  • Kasia Pecino


    Phonetically pronounced “cash-yer” Kasia’s name is bang on the money in describing her job….counting money! On hand to help with all things accounts, Kasia loves a healthy looking ledger and a peaceful payroll process.
  • Sergio Torres


    Named after a tower dweller from the Roman clan of Sergius, our signage gladiator has been part of The Full Works team for over 3 years. Fighting lions and winning hearts (well, the last bit anyhow) are all just part of the day job and Sergio certainly knows how to navigate the workshop arena.
  • Dani Aranda Vazquez


    Dani puts the “all” in “installation” Happy go lucky in life, but serious about work, Dani loves getting stuck in and takes pride in every finished article or completed project.
  • Soren


    Literally as cool as his Nordic name Soren certainly doesn’t show it if he feels the pressure. Loving the daily creative outlet of print and signage production since joining us in 2019, the arty Soren by far is the most cheerful member of staff on a Monday morning. Bouncing in with his huge smile and bucketloads of optimism. Boy, he makes us feel old!
  • Dan


    It gets super confusing when you’ve got two staff members with the exact same name, so Dan goes by many pseudonyms… Benitez / Beni / Dani Two / 2 of 2… you get the picture. Like an energetic, tenacious terrier Dan loves getting his teeth into a job and won’t let go until its done. Grrrrr!

What we do


We turn designs, thoughts and dreams into physical products. Whether you want to develop your brand or you already have a brand identity that you want to bring to life, we use our experience and expertise to make this happen. We offer to produce full working drawings, sample boards, working prototypes and finally your signage / print.


We bring end to end delivery of high impact graphics of any size, on any material, for any purpose. We are experts in branding, as well as the full process of design, project management, development and delivery. With in house capacity for producing large format print and graphics destined for retail environments, our clients can expect international experience on a local level.


Signage can be extremely fragile, so our crews are experts in what they do. That’s why we take training our installation teams seriously.  Aside from comprehensive health & safety education, we have also trained our crew in customer care so that they understand your requirements and expectations. Our in-house teams are proud to hold recognised industry accreditations in vinyl application for the perfect finish to the process.

Our wonderful work

Way finding SignageInstitutional signageFacia & Projecting signs
Wall graphics & muralsCanvas PrintsPrivacy & Solar FilmsDigital Print & VinylCut vinyl graphicsVehicle livery3D channel letteringLightboxes
Road Traffic SignsHealth & Safety signageDirectory and Modular systems
Banners & FlagsExhibitional Signage


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